Committed to Promote China fine Products Worldwide


Global supply chain integration expert

Perfect Cross-Border E-Commerce Ecosystem

Based on forward-looking perspectives and data feedback, combined with product characteristics, specify portfolio strategies to accelerate the life cycle of goods >>MORE

One-stop warehousing logistics service system

Hooya Group is committed to providing the highest quality, most efficient and convenient products and services, accelerating order delivery, achieving rapid response to market services, and creating a landscape of large warehousing and logistics. >>MORE

Fast And Efficient Logistics & Warehousing

Hooya Group provides first-class services to more than 1,000 importers, wholesalers, retailers and supermarket chains around the world. Its customers are located in more than 150 countries and regions including Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia, and have their own retail and wholesale. platform. >>MORE

Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Excellent Customer Service, Hard Working, Self Improving

Hooya Group has the cultural genes of freedom, openness, learning, and upholds the values ??of “honesty and integrity, quality service, innovation, hard work, continuous self-improvement” >>MORE
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